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Hi guys! Gleam is now finally open for prejoin! I'm really kind of emotional about this since this has been my project since 2015, and the planning phase has been through a lot of ups and downs (with me hesitating and procrastinating on the other side). So alas, Gleam is finally here!

Before anything else, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jessica for stepping forward when I was looking for people who would be willing to co-own the boys with me! I wouldn't be this motivated and excited if you didn't raise your hand for help. In fact, if no one offered the co-ownership, Gleam would still be a ghost TCG. So, thank you so much! ;_;

Now here's the prejoin phase. Allow me to explain how we're going to do the first two weeks of our prejoin phase. Since the last two weeks of December are the most busy weeks for every one of us, Gleam will be set up for beta testing. Please have a moment to read the list of do's and dont's during this period:

Basically, everyone can try the features we have and kindly please report any errors you might encounter on our forums. I will try to fix any errors within the two-week period. After the first two weeks, and IF everything is smooth, we can focus on donations and wait until the grand opening this January 2020! Also please do not forget the other prejoin details at the Prejoin HQ forums since it has further information for this phase.

Next, we're currently looking for people who are interested to help us with the odd jobs to run Gleam. As of now, we have the deck maker and game master classifieds and you'll see the details about these positions on our forums. We will also be needing people for forum staffs, but that classified is still yet to be discussed (or created lol). So if you'd like to volunteer as any of the available positions, don't hesitate to send in an application until prejoin ends!

If you're going to join during this period, please don't forget to check out our forums~! You will have to post under the General Approval thread first before being officially approved! You will receive your starter pack bonus here. And once you're officially a member of Gleam TCG, head over to the Introductions thread and introduce yourself to your fellow players. Doing so, you will receive another rewards!


For starters, I'm glad to give out four event cards before the year finally ends! You can now add them to your trade post once you're all set up.

Event Achievements: ec-prejoin2019, ec-december2019, ec-christmas2019, ec-winter2019

So yeah, this is what I just remembered! I'm sorry that it just came out to my head pretty late, I should have it in my head already since it's December. Please forgive my short-term memory loss, but here it is. Another freebie~

Take any cards that spells out CHRISTMAS 2019, where the 2019 can be any numbers from the cards you choose—a maximum of 2 cards per deck only!

Closing Notes

Somehow I'm still thinking whether I miss anything for this first official update, but if there's anything that I forgot, I'll add them as soon as I have the time to do so! Please keep an eye on this update since the next update will be on January 1st, 2020. We will skip the supposed update for December 28 since yours truly will be busy as well. But worry not, I will respond to any questions you may have and errors that you may encounter. But I'm hoping there'll be no errors at all ;_; I've been alpha-testing this TCG for eternity, LOL.

That will be all for my prejoin statement! Again, if I have something to add should I have forgotten it at the moment, I'll add them ASAP so stay tuned. Welcome, and thank you for your patience! Gleam is now open for prejoin! :D

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