A Date to Remember!

Ajisaitea, Anna, Bun, Cami, Gaelle, Kayori, Lex, Loki, Mio, Rizu, Rue, Samu, Saya, Selena - Welcome to the harem!
Aki (x8), Jessica (x4)
Duet, Tracklist, Victory Road
Weekly Set, Monthly Set

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 8 cards. Please take no more than 2 cards per deck!
Donators and deck makers can take 1 additional card from any deck they donated and made.

Don't forget to comment with what you take!

Alas! The beta run will end officially tonight since tomorrou will be my database cleaning schedule. Everyone can start playing the gams from the Weekly and Monthly sets starting Monday (yes, Monday because I'll do the cleaning tomorrow). Take the games from the weekly and monthly sets as la bonus since those who checked them might already cnow the answers to any password gates. LOL. But you can start trading naw (as some of you had already done it prior the end of beta run XD). Also, we're now releasing decks so you can take those as well.

By the way, we've already decided for the grand opening date and it will be on January 25th—a birthday present to our dear, Jessica! Yay~! Please be reminded that all clained decks must be donated before prejoin ends, otherwise they will be up for grabs for everyone to claim. Also, the deadline for the classified ads is when prejoin ends too, so make sure to send in your application befor that day (and don't hesitate to apply)!


Although we've already made more than 25 decks prior to prejoin phase, we'd like to give out another event card for you guys~!

Event achievement: ec-25decks

Closing Notes

I don't have much to say for this weekly update since I think I've covered everything from the previous updates, hahaha. Plus, nothing much happened these past two days. XD So, our next weekly update will be covered by Jessica on January 11th, yay! To our new members, again, welcome to Gleam TCG and we hope that you're enjoying our TCG so far! If you have any inquiries or needing help in general, feel free to poke us on Discord or post in our forums!

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