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Here it is guys. We're now going on an indefinite hiatus. I will not list down any changes that I may change here on this update, but I will do so on our Discord server. Also, I think I just finished cleaning some forum inquiries? If in case I've missed something, just let me know!

I won't make this update long since there are things regarding the hiatus that has been discussed on Discord, but allow me to make a to-do list so everyone will have an idea about the changes and what needs to be done!

Lists marked with an asterisk (*) are discussed on our Discord server.

Frontend lists:Backend lists:

This is not the full list though, but I will add what I have missed along the process. The #our-thoughts channel and the comments section will still be open for your suggestions and inquiries. Don't hesitate to let me know them so I can add them while making the changes (you can DM me directly if you're shy, hahaha). So umm... this is literally a day late now and I'm a bit running out of time (family gathering in a bit)—I think I'll have to bring a notepad with me so I can jot down whatever pops in my head later on LOL.

Anyway, that's it for now! I do hope to see everyone again once we're back. I'm sorry that I'll have to cease the activities of this TCG, I just feel like I need full-time concentration on this without the worries of weekly freebies and stuff. I'd like to thank everyone for the patience through the TCG's ups and downs and I'd like to apologize if I'm not a good owner. This is my first time running a TCG, so I'm really sorry for the mistakes, stupid decisions, and probably incompetency.

By the way, I'll have to wait until Shizen is fully open before I start with the backend! I'll have to see the setup I've made in action so I won't be troubleshooting/debugging two TCGs at the same time. It'll be easier for me to work on Gleam if Shizen's coding is fully stable. Again, thanks a bunch everyone for all the support and love! This is definitely not good-bye for Gleam, and it gave me a good experience plus I've met good friends and awesome people. Love y'all minna-san~! — Aki ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

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