Happy New Year!

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This is our first update of the month, and year! Yay! First of all, I'd like to greet everyone a happy new year. Yesterday was 2019, and it felt like it passed by pretty fast! I hope that all of us had a good 2019, if not, let's look forward to 2020!

Anyway, Gleam seems to be running pretty smooth since it's prejoin opening last December 23—although there were error reports but that was just mainly because of me forgetting to update stuffs on the back-end side when I transferred to a new host. The beta-testing phase is actually a big help and I'd like to thank everyone who helped us test out our on-site features! I wouldn't be able to look into the errors alone if it weren't for your help, so thank you! The beta-testing phase will end on Sunday, January 5th which means we'll be facing the official prejoin phase by Monday. As mentioned on the previous update, all on-site recorded logs except your starter packs and birthday rewards (for December babies) will be deleted so everyone will have a clean slate before officially playing the active games.

On a second note, some of you are experiencing an eTCG auto-upload issue when Gleam was transferred to a new host and this issue hasn't be resolved yet—it's actually difficult to determine what's happening since it only affects certain members. It could be some players' hosts are blocking Gleam's host, but we can't be too sure. We're still looking into this issue, but for the mean time, I was able to give a solution for those who are having the issue by providing an external link where they can get the cards from. IF this issue isn't resolved, we'll use the external link permanently but those with auto-upload working fine, you can still use the main site's URL.

Magazine Release

Hell yeah! I would like to announce that we are now releasing the first volume of our hottest bishie of the month magazine and you can get it for free! We've decided to release the first three volumes for free and these boys are the admins' most favorite (personal choice) boys.

Volume 01: Hisoka Morow

The magazine article for Hisoka Morow is already up, which is written by me—please excuse my little fangirling over there, I hope I gave justice to Hisoka since I just wrote that the other day. ;A; So yeah, everyone who'd like the first volume release can take it, free of charge! After the first three releases, we will then proceed to the official magazine activity procedure, so there will be no candidate reveal for now.


We have yet another four event cards to give out for the month of January! I apologize that Samu's birthday event card was added quite late, it was supposed to be given out last December but I just remembered it today. ;A; Anyway, here are our new event cards!

Event Achievements: ec-samus2019bday, ec-january2020, ec-newyear2020, ec-jessicas2020bday

For now we're not making this an official wish, but another set of freebies! So all of you lovely people can take any cards that spells out HAPPY NEW YEAR—a maximum of 2 cards per deck only! Again, you can take special cards for this freebie as well. (/*o*)/

Closing Notes

As forgetful as I am (all thanks to having 2 major surgeries and anesthesia), all the things that I may have forgotten to mention on this update will be added on the following update. Our next update will be on January 4th for our weekly update! Again, happy new year everyone! We hope that you guys have an awesome blast on New Year's eve~!

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