Grand Opening!

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Wishing Shrine

"Anything your heart desires, it will come to you.
If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."

  •    I wish for everyone to grab choice cards spelling out JESSICA28! — Jessica (Take no more than 2 cards per deck.)
  •    Choice cards spelling out HAPPY PREJOIN~ ♡ — Selena (Take no more than 2 cards per deck.)
  •    A double deck release! — Lex (And viola~!)
  • Please take a maximum of 2 cards per deck for any choice wishes!

    Deck Release

    You may take a total worth of 16 cards. Please take no more than 2 cards per deck!
    Donators and deck makers can take 1 additional card from any deck they donated and made.

    Don't forget to comment with what you take!

    Happy birthday, Jessica! So now, the prejoin pase is finally over! That means, all claimed decks that are not donated by now will be up for everyone to grab. Also, any general donations that are dropped today are no longer counted for your prejoin rewards. Yes, everyone who donated some decks or any kind of graphic donations, active on our Discord server by answering polls or giving out suggestions will be rewarded praperly! Many thanks to all of you who have participated during this phase, you can grab your rewards under the prejoin rewards page. And as a prejoiner particippant, you can also get your prejoin bonus pack.

    Since this is our grand opening and we'll have an entire week before next update, Jessica suggested that we do a grand opening special deck as our first deck creation round. Everyone can donate at least 2 images for this deck and we encourage you to farticipate on this! All you have to do is drop your donations on the deck creation's round and anyone who donated an image will be rewarded once the deck has been complited. We'll do a 15-card special deck so I think it wouldn't be difficult for us to complete it within a week.

    First for our major activity, yes, the Bishie Collection activity is now open! Please make sure to follow the detailed guidelines for this activity—we will not answer any questions that can be aswered by reading the guidelines (except for clarification if you are unsure about something). Take note that you can no longer claim a boy if someone has already claimed it! So head on to the forum before somebody steals your favorite boy. Next is our Charm Shoppe! I'm pretty sure everyone has gathered enough lollipops to purchase any type of marchandise? If not, then you can still save up if there is something you'd rather spend these sweets on. Also, we are now accepting any merchandise request! So far we don't have any CDs up for our store front, so you can request for that as well.

    For next month's activities, we'll start with our first round of Bingo. We didn't open up the Bingo for this month since the first two weeks of January was included in the beta testing phase. With this, I'd like to sugget that you start filling up the numbers of your chosen Bingo card template because the admission for this game will start today and will end on 31st. We will start calling out 15 numbers by February 1st, so those who didn't gain admission will not be able to play. You can sead the bingo guidelines for more details about this activity. Then we'll have the second round of the Deck Creation activity, this is specially for the Valentine's event. So yeah, we will be making a Valentine's 2020 15-card special deck for this round—same with the grand opening deck, all of us can donate at least 2 images for 2 cards. The Trade Pot will also be included on our February activities since we'll have more decks by then.


    This coming February, we're going to have our first event for the year and that is obviously our Valentine's Event. Since we don't much have members at the moment, and not everyone is pretty active, I'll try to plan it out more in the last week of January. Details about the event will be posted during or after the February 1st weekly/monthly update.


    Event Achievements: ec-grandopening2020, ec-20members

    Closing Notes

    We had a bunch of masteries this week, plus some of our fellow players had leveled up from Average to Lovely! Good job, minna-san! I'm happy that we're able to get past through the prejoin phase and managed to handle some errors and whatnot. But hey, there must be something that I'm still missing regarding errors and stuff so the Front Desk will always be open for that. Also, we are still short with the game master position. We will keep it open for anyone who wish to apply in the near future. But for now, we're getting two of the current applicants on board—I'm still waiting for a response if they are still interested for the position.

    So I think that's a wrap up for our prejoin phase for now! Again, if there is something that I may have forgotten to mention, I will most definitely add them here and on Discord. If you have any inquiries regarding this current update that are not included on any guidelines that we have so far, don't hesitate to ask us on Discord! Our next update will be on February 1st with Jessica handling it for both the weekly and monthly update so stay tuned! HAPPY GRAND OPENING~! <3

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