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Weekly Set, Bi-weekly Set A

Wishing Shrine

"Anything your heart desires, it will come to you.
If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."

  •    I wish for a random lucky box coupon for everyone! — Jessica & Cat (Get your randomized lucky box coupon here.)
  •    I wish for everybody to take one choice card for each color of the rainbow! — Kendra (One card per deck from colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.)
  •    Choice cards spelling out MARCH. — Cami (One card per deck only!)
  •    I wish for the grayfullbuster deck to be released :) — Selena
  • Please take a maximum of 2 cards per deck for any choice wishes!

    Deck Release

    You may take a total worth of 8 cards. Please take no more than 2 cards per deck!
    Donators and deck makers can take 1 additional card from any deck they donated and made.

    Don't forget to comment with what you take!

    The Book of Charms is up! If you have this power booster, you can take twice the amount of pulls from the new released decks.

    I honestly don't know where to start this update. I won't go through what actually happened to me these past three weeks since it was a bad moment for me. Anyway, the very first thing that I can think of right now is to hire forum helpers to held us out in the forums. Since that it's getting a little loaded in there now, one admin can't handle majority of these on their own when one is busy and the other got emergency issues. So I will write up a forum classified ad later and everryone is free to apply if they are willing to help out! Guidelines about each forum sections will be included in the ad so please read them carefully first before choosing which section suits you best.

    Our magazine's voting poll just expired and those who voted for the candedates has been listed—our lucky candidate is no other than Howl Jenkins! Everyone who voted for Howl can now proceed to the article writing's admission, you will receive your voting rewards once your admission has been approved. Once approved, you will then proceed to write an article abaut Howl—make sure to read the magazine guidelines on how it is made. Also, those who voted for a certain candidate but wasn't picked, you can post a reply with your top 5 suggested candidate. But if you don't want to suggest a candidate for the next volume release, simply post any reply on the thread so I can hamd you your voting rewards.

    I know there had been a lot of issues with the games these past weeks and I am terribly sorry about it. Like I said, I've been through a lot and I didn't have the chance to refurnish them up to the last minute, hence the missing images and/or unupdated game rounds. Although I've tried my utmost best to update them as soon as I notiiced and/or received inquiries about them.

    Speaking of games, I've decided the skip this month's Bingo game since we weren't able to open up the admission phase which was supposed to run on February's last week. Also just a heads up, there might be a point where I'll have to put certain games and/or activities in hiatus in the near future. This is just an option that I've been considering and if that happems, Gleam will be put up into a temporary hiatus until things has been properly fixed. During that temporary hiatus, you will still be able to play the weekly sets and deck release and updates will be done bi-weekly. But major activities such as forum interactive, charm shoppe, collection and magazine will be closed and forum services will be on hold.

    Your forum threads may be processed slowly starting this week as my co-admins will be on a break until further notice, which I am willing to ive them since it was a tiring moment during my absence. Please bear with me and at least give it some time before turning in new masteries and stuff once your current thread has been processed! Coz I don't think I'll be able to move to another forums if you're gonna turn in a new batch of these the moment I just finished processing current ones LOL.


    Just a small notice about the Valentines Event! If you still haven't turn in anything to finalize your event rewards, please do so and you have until March 13 at 11:59PM EST~! I'll be slowly working on the forums to process your inquiries.

    Closing Notes

    Again, I'm not yet sure if I've covered everything that needs to be announced for this week's update, so I'm back to noting myself to edit this post when I think of it or just announce them via Discord. Jessica will be out for next week so I'll do the update for March 14th again. I'll see you guys next weekly update! b(n_n)d

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