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Stardust TCG
Weekly set, Inventory, Higher or Lower

Wishing Shrine

"Anything your heart desires, it will come to you.
If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."

  •    I wish for choice cards spelling SPRING! :) — Bun, Hotaru & Cat (One card per deck only!)
  •    I wish 3 choice cards with the color green. — Claire (Just decks with the color green, no other variations.)
  •    Choice cards spelling GOOD HEALTH - coz February hated me. — Aki (Take no more 2 cards per deck!)
  • Please take a maximum of 2 cards per deck for any choice wishes!

    Deck Release

    You may take a total worth of 6 cards. Please take no more than 2 cards per deck!
    Donators and deck makers can take 1 additional card from any deck they donated and made.

    Don't forget to comment with what you take!

    So this is it, first of all, Jessica and Samu has decided to step down as my co-owners due to RL priorities. I'm very thankful to them for all the help they gave for the past 3 months. And it's not like they are completely quitting Gleam, they will still play like any of us and Jessica will still be one of our deck makers. ;)

    With that, since I'm currently left alone as an admin for the mean time, I'm putting up saya, Mio and Bun as our temporary forum helpers—I say temporary for the mean time because, as difficult as it is for me, I unfortunately have to put Gleam on a mini hiatus to sort things out. All I ask is give me at least a month or two to refurnish Gleam from top to bottom, because I think I need to do this to make it more easier for all of us. But please, don't think of me not ever coming back... I've prepared for this TCG for years and it would be a waste and will break my heart if I close this down. So while I do things on the backend, saya, Mio and Bun will help to process any of our forum inquiries. I am planning to focus on this transition so I'll be able to finish it as soon as possible, but I will still help out with the forums whenever I take a break and if I'm able to.

    Everyone can still play the weekly set and the forum interactive while the TCG is still on hiatus or trade with fellow Gleam players, so you can still master the boys you want. But while on hiatus, there will be no deck release for the coming weeks. No weekly updates as well, but I will try my utmost best to give out freebies and stuff on our Discord to compensate for the hiatus.

    I'm going to make a drastic or probably not so drastic change with Gleam, and I'm hoping to make this a better version of this TCG. Just give me the time I need to finish it up, and I'm hoping for your understanding. Once Gleam is back on track, I will open up the forum ads so those who are interested to help out will be able to apply to the sections they want to moderate in.

    I'm really sorry that this is so sudden, but there has been going on a lot with RL and it really pains me. So please, don't worry as this is not entirely a good bye! I love this TCG so much that I'm willing to do an overhaul to make it more better, not just for me, but for all of us and any potential members in the future. You can all reach out to me on Discord and I will do my best to answer any questions/inquiries/suggestions (especially suggestions) that you may have for this transition. Thank you all!


    The Valentines 2020 event and the Red Ribbon Shop are now closed. So if you still have enough cakes to use for the shop, unfortunately, you can no longer use those. And because that I didn't have the time to detail it out on the forums, I'll just make it simple. Those who have cakes left in them, you can turn them in into either lollipops or charm points. The breakdown is 1 cake = 1 lollipop (of any flavor) or 2 cakes = 1 charm point. You can just log it out as Cake Exchange: amout of cake for amount of lollipops/points (e.g. Cake Exchange: 6 cakes for 3 charm points). Other than that, if you still have further questions (or if again I missed something), just drop then via our Discord server.

    [EDIT]: Ooof! I'm sorry, I only meant the Red Ribbon Shop that is now closed. *facepalms*

    Closing Notes

    There will be no weekly update starting next week, but I will try to keep you all posted about the progress I'm making for this transition on our Discord. Games that you can play are already stated above, so when April comes and Gleam is not yet up, the monthly set should not be played. And you can still submit your masteries, level ups, trader stamps and such if you have any... we will still take care of those! (/n_n)/

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