The randomizers you'll need for remastery deck types can be found by visiting the links below. Each of these randomizer shows the cards, the text log, and the forum code that you can copy and paste to use on the forums.

Please make sure not to forget to replace the following:

* Kindly take note that the 1 Choice with Regular/Special Mastery bishounen skill is for regular cards only.

[x10 each] [x1]

Regular Deck (filename): choice, choice, shuuouma20, rinokumura03, blackhair12, +10 cherry lollipops, +10 blueberry lollipops, +1 charm point

Regular Decks with 1 Choice

Use this randomizer instead if the player has the 1 Choice with Regular Mastery bishounen skill.

[x10 each] [x1]

Regular Deck (filename): choice, choice, choice, threadandneedle05, adonisotogari20, genos14, +10 cherry lollipops, +10 lemon lollipops, +1 charm point