These randomizers are for staff use only that they will need to help with their jobs, so please don't take any of these unless you've been directed or stated otherwise. If you're a staff member and you think that we should have a specific randomizer made for whatever job you have, kindly let Aki know and she will see if she can make one or not.

Italized links are in the process of being automated, but while it's still here, it'll be done via forums. While striked out are links I'm currently working on.

General Randomizers
Starter Pack Bonus Recent Releases * Update Randomizer
Forum Introduction - - - - - -
* Members can take from this randomizer if they can't decide which cards to take from the most recent update.

Service Randomizers
Bishounen Skill Pack Support Skill Pack Remasteries Deck Donation

Interactive Randomizers
Inventory Deck Creation Monthly Bingo
Trade Pot Lucky Match Higher or Lower

Activity Randomizers
Bishie Collection Magazines - - -