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Weekly Set, Forum Interactive

Wishing Shrine

"Anything your heart desires, it will come to you.
If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."

  •    Choice cards for MADNESS. — Gaelle
  •    I wish for cards spelling out BISHOUNEN. — Bun
  •    I wish for choice cards spelling out WEEKEND! — Swim Swim
  •    I wish for choice cards spelling ICE CREAM since summer is coming. — lagoonaris
  •    I wish everyone can take choice cards spelling FATHERS DAY <3 — Hotaru
  •    I wish for 3 choice blue-bordered cards! — Kupo
  •    I wish for 4 themed choice cards — Asche
  • Deck Release

    You may take a total worth of 12 cards. Please take no more than 2 cards per deck!
    Donators and deck makers can take 1 additional card from any deck they donated and made.

    Don't forget to comment with what you take!

    Hey everyone, I'll go straight to the point! Considering our previous update, starting July 4th, Gleam will be put into an indefinite hiatus. This is to give way to the massive back-end clean up that I'll have to do for Gleam, including database cleanup and deck remaking. I'm sorry that the two-month mini hiatus I asked before didn't quite fully get the job done as I see how the two months run after the hiatus occurred. There are few things that aren't working really well like the maxed out donations and stuffs like that.

    I'd like to change Gleam's setup to what I have for Shizen, since Shizen is quite coded as running on its own (e.g. "You go play, Aki, I'll take care of myself." LOL). So I wanted to set Gleam like that as well. Being left with two kids every weekdays (24 hours) is giving me minimal internet access too, so I'm literally having difficulties troubleshooting the errors and with that, I'll need full concentration when dealing with PHP. ;w;

    I will try to get to any forum inquiries should there be any for this week, and by July 4th, we'll have to stop any activities. There will be no hiatus freebies and stuff like before since thinking of weekly freebies and updates will get in my coding's way, I'm so sorry... I hope you guys can understand where I'm currently coming from.

    I'm planning to open up Shizen pretty soon. Once it's open, I'll be able to check how it works with everyone so if it's working great, I can implement most of it, if not everything to Gleam.

    Please take note of the wishes! It's not currently being logged or anything, so please don't forget to comment with what you've taken.

    Bingo (Week #4): B02, B05, B06, B14, I18, I29, N37, N43, N45, G48, G53, G54, G58, O63, O69
    Bingo (Week #5): B04, B10, B12, B15, I16, I23, I24, N32, N38, N41, G47, O66, O68, O72, O73

    Closing Notes

    I will still post an official indefinite hiatus update by July 4th when life permits so we'll know if everything has been accounted for. I will see all guys again when the castle of these awesome boys are no longer filled with cobwebs and dusts! Oh, and please let me know your thoughts if you're good with starting all over again or proceeding with what you currently have when Gleam comes back. <3 Love y'all!


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  • 200707 Kayori
    Wishing Shrine:
    MADNESS: abelnightroad01, kurama14, kurama19, nightshadows10, ritsukaaoyagi18, syaoran19, syaoran20

    BISHOUNEN: abelnightroad02, abelnightroad06, grimmjowjaegerjaquez03, mamorumiyano02, nightshadows15, nightshadows18, ritsukaaoyagi20, soubiagatsuma06, soubiagatsuma10

    WEEKEND: abelnightroad07, abelnightroad08, grimmjowjaegerjaquez05, grimmjowjaegerjaquez08, kyousohma04, nightshadows20, yue01

    ICE CREAM: abelnightroad10, abelnightroad17, claudefaustus03, grimmjowjaegerjaquez09, mamorumiyano03, soubiagatsuma13, soubiagatsuma15, tokiyaichinose01

    FATHERS DAY: daisukeniwa02, grimmjowjaegerjaquez11, grimmjowjaegerjaquez13, kyousohma06, kyousohma07, mamorumiyano06, mamorumiyano10, soubiagatsuma20, youthfulblossom03, yue04

    3 Choice Blue-Border: grimmjowjaegerjaquez19, grimmjowjaegerjaquez20, tokiyaichinose03

    4 Theme: blackhair02, blackhair03, boysanddogs02, boysanddogs03

    New Decks: chibodeecrocket01, chibodeecrocket02, constellations08, constellations09, hoshimeguri05, hoshimeguri08, sebastianmichaelis01, sebastianmichaelis02
    Thank you!
  • 200705 Lex
    New Decks: tsume16, ashura08, sebastianmichaelis10, dontleaveme10, chikageutsuki12, teppeikiyoshi18, journeybegins15, regality14, constellations02, hoshimeguri08

    Donated: tsume17, chibodeecrocket11, onsenparty13
  • 200703 Kupo
    - New Decks: constellations04, constellations05, onsenparty04, onsenparty10, journeybegins07, journeybegins08, teppeikiyoshi03, teppeikiyoshi20, sebastianmichaelis08, sebastianmichaelis12, tsume05, tsume20

    - Wishing Shrine (Gaelle | MADNESS): makototachibana05, kazutokirigaya09, boysanddogs01, makototachibana08, mikakagehira09, harukananase08, harukananase09

    - Wishing Shrine (Bun | BISHOUNEN): kiba01, kiba04, harukananase10, mikakagehira12, makototachibana09, kyousohma15, harukananase11, mikakagehira13, makototachibana10

    - Wishing Shrine (Swim Swim | WEEKEND): drawwithme01, mikakagehira14, mikakagehira15, kyousohma17, harukananase14, makototachibana11, boysanddogs04

    - Wishing Shrine (lagoonaris | ICE CREAM): kiba05, makototachibana12, mikakagehira16, makototachibana15, kazutokirigaya14, harukananase15, harukananase17, mikakagehira17

    - Wishing Shrine (Hotaru | FATHERS DAY): kingdomofice01, makototachibana16, kazutokirigaya16, makototachibana17, devilhunters05, kazutokirigaya17, harukananase18, boysanddogs05, kiba07, kyousohma20

    - Wishing Shrine (Kupo | 3 blue cards): mikakagehira19, mikakagehira20, harukananase20

    - Wishing Shrine (Asche | 4 themed cards): boysanddogs07, boysanddogs08, boysandcats03, boysandcats10

    Thank you!!
  • 200702 julia
    Wishing Shrine (Gaelle - MADNESS): hisokamorow01, killuazoldyck01, killuazoldyck02, gonfreecs02, gonfreecs03, howljenkins01, howljenkins02

    Wishing Shrine (Bun - BISHOUNEN): boysanddogs03, hisokamorow02, gonfreecs04, hisokamorow03, killuazoldyck03, killuazoldyck04, gonfreecs05, howljenkins03, howljenkins04

    Wishing Shrine (Swim Swim - WEEKEND): hisokamorow04, gonfreecs06, gonfreecs07, killuazoldyck05, howljenkins06, howljenkins07, killuazoldyck06

    Wishing Shrine (lagoonaris - ICE CREAM): killuazoldyck07, gonfreecs08, howljenkins08, gonfreecs09, hisokamorow05, howljenkins09, killuazoldyck08, hisokamorow06

    Wishing Shrine (Hotaru - FATHERS DAY): gonfreecs10, boysanddogs06, tanjiroukamado01, hisokamorow07, howljenkins12, gonfreecs11, howljenkins16, killuazoldyck09, hisokamorow08, killuazoldyck10

    Wishing Shrine (Kupo - 3 blue choice): howljenkins17, howljenkins19, killuazoldyck12

    Wishing Shrine (Asche - 4 themed choice): boysanddogs07, boysanddogs18, boysandcats01, boysandcats08

    New Decks (06/28): teppeikiyoshi03, teppeikiyoshi05, hoshimeguri02, hoshimeguri06, constellations08, constellations09, sebastianmichaelis01, sebastianmichaelis16
  • 200701 Sarah
    Wishing Shrine (MADNESS - Gaelle): mikakagehira16 (m), osamudazai06 (a), adonisotogari17 (d), adonisotogari12 (n), mikakagehira17 (e), suzakuseven01 (s), suzakuseven06 (s)

    Wishing Shrine (BISHOUNEN - Bun): labyrinth01 (b), osamudazai12 (i), itaruchigasaki12 (s), musicinyourthoughts03 (h), ioriizumi04 (o), ioriizumi11 (u), tennkujo15 (n), suzakuseven12 (e), adonisotogari09 (n)

    Wishing Shrine (WEEKEND - Swim Swim): kimihirowatanuki03 (w), suzakuseven05 (e), tennkujo01 (e), itaruchigasaki16 (k), tennkujo02 (e), kimihirowatanuki08 (n), osamudazai17 (d)

    Wishing Shrine (ICE CREAM - lagoonaris): ioriizumi06 (i), itaruchigasaki02 (c), tennkujo04 (e), itaruchigasaki04 (c), adonisotogari10 (r), suzakuseven09 (e), osamudazai13 (a), ioriizumi07 (m)

    Wishing Shrine (FATHERS DAY - Hotaru): junfukuyama13 (f), osamudazai10 (a), tennkujo05 (t), itaruchigasaki08 (h), tennkujo12 (e), ioriizumi12 (r), osamudazai18 (s), adonisotogari08 (d), itaruchigasaki09 (a), labyrinth03 (y)

    Wishing Shrine (3 blue border cards - Kupo): ioriizumi15, hokutohidaka05, kentoaizome03

    Wishing Shrine (4 themed choice cards - Asche): boysandcats05, boysandcats19, boysanddogs17, boysanddogs18

    New Decks (28 June): tsume08, tsume09, sebastianmichaelis03, sebastianmichaelis04, journeybegins01, journeybegins02, hoshimeguri11, hoshimeguri12, chikageutsuki04, chikageutsuki10, regality04, regality17

    Donation: hoshimeguri07, chikageutsuki17, regality13
  • 200701 Gaelle
    New Decks: chikageutsuki07, chikageutsuki16, sebastianmichaelis12, sebastianmichaelis13 (12/12)
  • 200629 erin
    new decks: tsume14, tsume15 (8/12)
  • 200629 Asche
    Deck Release: onsenparty06, onsenparty07, teppeikiyoshi02, teppeikiyoshi03, tsume05, tsume20, sebastianmichaelis14, sebastianmichaelis17, ashura11, ashura09, dontleaveme12, dontleaveme13

    Wish (spell MADNESS): meganes03, vongola11, boysanddogs02, vongola12, teppeikiyoshi04, meganes04, boysandcats15

    Wish (spell BISHOUNEN): boysandcats18, teppeikiyoshi05, boysanddogs03, teppeikiyoshi06, vongola08, claudefaustus01, vongola13, onsenparty12, onsenparty11

    Wish (spell WEEKEND): snowbunnies07, teppeikiyoshi07, meganes06, teppeikiyoshi08, meganes07, vongola16, boysanddogs06

    Wish (spell ICE CREAM): teppeikiyoshi01, boysandcats02, teppeikiyoshi09, boysandcats16, onsenparty01, meganes08, vongola17, meganes11

    Wish (spell FATHERS DAY): claudefaustus02, vongola18, teppeikiyoshi10, teppeikiyoshi11, meganes14, onsenparty02, boysandcats04, boysanddogs10, vongola19, boysandcats06

    Wish (3 blue border): meganes16, meganes17, dimitri12

    Wish (4 themed choice): boysandcats08, boysandcats10, meganes19, boysanddogs11
  • 200628 Hotaru
    - Wishing Shrine (Gaelle): dontleaveme06, ashura05, dontleaveme16, kanamekuran13, kanamekuran08, sesshoumaru17, ashura16
    - Wishing Shrine (Bun): blackhair18, blackhair03, sesshoumaru04, ashura17, dontleaveme17, ashura04, dontleaveme05, kanamekuran14, kanamekuran07
    - Wishing Shrine (Swim Swim): allenwalker01, sesshoumaru18, sesshoumaru03, kanamekuran06, dontleaveme18, kanamekuran15, dontleaveme04
    - Wishing Shrine (lagoonaris): blackhair19, chibodeecrocket20, dontleaveme03, chibodeecrocket01, ashura03, kanamekuran16, ashura18, kanamekuran05
    - Wishing Shrine (Hotaru): junfukuyama20, sesshoumaru02, dontleaveme19, ashura19, sesshoumaru19, kanamekuran17, ashura02, dontleaveme02, kanamekuran04, junfukuyama01
    - Wishing Shrine (Kupo): grimmjowjaegerjaquez01, grimmjowjaegerjaquez20, setsunafseiei01
    - Wishing Shrine (Asche): blackhair02, blackhair20, meganes01, meganes19
    - New Decks: ashura01, ashura20, dontleaveme01, dontleaveme20, constellations01, constellations12, hoshimeguri01, hoshimeguri12
  • 200628 Cami
    New Decks: + tsume10, tsume11 (8/12)
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