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Wishing Shrine

"Anything your heart desires, it will come to you.
If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."

  •    I wish for a pack of 12 random cards! — Selena, Jessica, Haylee, Sarah (Get them here: )
  •    Release Sanzo from Saiyuki deck :) — saya
  •    How about some choice cards for every color of the rainbow? — Mio (Use the X11 colors for reference )
  •    2 Free Lucky Box coupons for everyone! — Kayori (Get them here: )
  •    Choice cards spelling WELCOME BACK. — saya (Max of 2 cards per regular or special deck.)
  • Deck Release

    You may take a total worth of 24 cards. Please take no more than 2 cards per deck!
    Donators and deck makers can take 1 additional card from any deck they donated and made.

    Don't forget to comment with what you take!

    Overall Update

    Hi guys! It's been a bit while, but alas the wait is finally over! I don't know where to start, to be honest but I will try to lay out this one hella update as clean as possible.

    Majority of the services has now been automated as planned, so stuffs like masteries and level ups can now be done via the on-site services. However, remasteries will remain in the forums as this needs a custom mastery badge. You can see these services on your member panel! There are still some services that I'm working on to become automated as well, naming the bishounen and support skill packs since those can be converted as well. The charm shoppe is still a work in progress (you will see a cart icon on the top links once you log in) since I just started working on it last Thursday. You can test out adding items on your cart but the checkout process isn't working yet. So while I still work on it, all purchases will still be done via forums. I will of course make an announcement when the W.I.P forms are fully functional. All forms on your member panel (again, except the Charm Shoppe) is working properly as I had Bun, Mio and Saya properly beta-tested them twice.

    In addition to these forms, all claims and donations can now be done on-site too! There will be no need for the spreadsheet since you can now view the claimed and donated decks on the cards page. There will be some new rules regarding claims though:

    Moving on, the games has been changed as well. All bi-weekly set games has been moved either to weekly, bonus and monthly sets. So there are no more bi-weekly sets for us, I hope that is okay? We have a whole bunch of weekly games anyway, which majority are automatic, so I think it wouldn't hurt.

    Official updates will be done every two weeks BUT you can still play the weekly games without an official update, meaning we will have a minimum of 12 decks to be released per update. So basically it's still like the weekly update, only that our previous releases are now doubled to compensate the week in between. This also includes the wishes, where previously we have a maximum of 3 wishes to grant each week—now we'll have 5 max.

    Bingo Week 5: N32, G57, G53, O70, I30, I22, B6, I28, N36, O69, G52, O71, O67, B10 — This is for last month's round since the last week of April was closed for the final phase of the transition. For the first week of May, we're going to host this month's application. By the next official update, we will call out two weeks worth of bingo numbers.

    Event Achievement

    New month, new event card! Today we're going to have two event cards, where the other one is related to Gleam's transition. Also, you can take your last set of hiatus freebies here:

    Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2

    Closing Notes

    Before I end this update, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caitlin for hosting Gleam! I didn't know where else to go to have Gleam hosted, so I'm really thankful that she gladly have me hosted. THANK YOU so much, Cait! Another thing I'll have to plug is while I was in the middle of Gleam's mini hiatus, I was able to create another TCG which became my testing ground for the automated scripts I've worked on. So I'd like you all to check Shizen, a nature mini TCG. It's not fully done yet, so kindly stay tuned if you're interested in joining it!

    I think that'll be all for now. Again, thank you guys for your patience and for giving me the chance to at least make Gleam a little more easier for all of us! Now, we are back to hunt them bois! — Next official update will be on May 16th with 12 new decks. (╯✧∇✧)╯


    Kindly please login to your account in able to post a comment on our updates. This is only for current members.


  • 200522 Haylee
    whitehair04, whitehair05, shiki01, shiki02 [24/24]
  • 200522 Haylee
    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): kurogane13, kyousohma03, rinmatsuoka01, daisukeono15, hokutohidaka03, boysandcats07, akihitokanbara12, kenshinhimura06, abrahamvanhelsing19, boysandcats03, shirouemiya14, huntmedown19

    Wishing Shrine Rainbow (2020-05-02): rinmatsuoka15, akiramitsurugi06, harukananase06, tomohisakitakado11, ukyou03, shoutakazehaya09

    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): lb-choiceseiyuu coupon, lb-choicethemeartist coupon

    Wishing Shrine [WELCOME BACK]: winterlights17, winterlights18, grayfullbuster09, cherryboys18, rinmatsuoka02, rinmatsuoka04, harukananase17, cherryboys19, akiramitsurugi16, blackhair03, akiramitsurugi17

    New Decks [200502]: haurchefantgreystone11, haurchefantgreystone12, kanamekuran05, kanamekuran12, kentoaizome13, kentoaizome19, ranmarukurosaki19, ranmarukurosaki20, shouichiimayoshi11, shouichiimayoshi12, camus06, camus17, saitouhajime01, saitouhajime02, boysandflowers01, boysandflowers02, boyslove03, boyslove04, goldenbutterflies03, goldenbutterflies04,

    Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2
  • 200522 Cas
    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): kirayamato17, sixgravity03, shiki13, syaoran19, hanabusaaidou20, toshizouhijikata05, devilhunters07, remnants09, rakuichijou18, izukumidoriya06, ioriizumi20, vashthestampede13
    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): otoyaittoki02, boysandcats19, zenitsuagatsuma06, izukumidoriya06, howljenkins08, reijisakamaki14
    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): lb-randomany coupon, lb-choicepuzzle coupon
    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): howljenkins05, reijisakamaki16, howljenkins06, rakuichijou01, hajimeshino07, hajimeshino10, meganes11, boysanddogs04, reijisakamaki17, rakuichijou03, kyousohma01
    New Decks (2020-05-02): boyslove12, boyslove19, youthfulblossom08, youthfulblossom09, kentoaizome06, kentoaizome13, osamudazai12, osamudazai17, huntmedown13, huntmedown14, boysandflowers03, boysandflowers12, kanamekuran07, kanamekuran18, shiki09, shiki12, camus11, camus13, ranmarukurosaki04, ranmarukurosaki16, saitouhajime03, saitouhajime10
    Hiatus Freebies (2020-05-02): kindredspirits15, clamp01, boyslove01, threadandneedle15, huntmedown18, ayatosakamaki04, teacupbunnies18, remnants13, deelaytner16, otoyaittoki01, subarusakamaki14, osamudazai13, crimsontricksters12, claudefaustus02, pinkstreet04, bellcranel20, soubiagatsuma13, izukumidoriya01, lelouchlamperouge20, tahomaru01, +10 cherry lollipops, +4 charm points
    Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2
  • 200521 lagoonaris
    - Wishing Shrine (rainbow): renjiabarai01, goldenbutterflies13, abrahamvanhelsing01, senkuuishigami07, sonhak04, allenwalker05

    - Wishing Shrine (welcome back): whitelilies01, senkuuishigami11, allenwalker01, ulquiorracifer02, sonhak01, crimsongang01, allenwalker04, grayfullbuster01, sonhak02, ulquiorracifer01, senkuuishigami09

    - Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2

    - Hiatus Freebies (2020-05-02): hajimeshino03, junfukuyama06, genjyosanzo15, junfukuyama09, kenshinhimura07, lentsukimori10, hisokamorow07, wornout06, junfukuyama17, abelnightroad15, mikakagehira10, killuazoldyck02, tokiyaichinose11, moderndays19, ukyou05, kimihirowatanuki05, kazutokirigaya14, abelnightroad11, zerokiryuu10, yue01, +10 cherry lollipops, +4 charm points

    - Deck Release (2020-05-02): haurchefantgreystone01, haurchefantgreystone02, alphinaudleveilleur01, alphinaudleveilleur02, kimihirowatanuki01, kimihirowatanuki02, shinjihirako01, shinjihirako02, kanamekuran01, kanamekuran02, osamudazai01, osamudazai02, goldenbutterflies12, goldenbutterflies14, boyslove08, boyslove09, whitehair10, whitehair19, camus14, camus19, shiki02, shiki12, boysandflowers04, boysandflowers08

    - Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): lb-choiceseiyuu coupon, lb-choiceseiyuu coupon

    - Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): kanamekuran19, kindredspirits11, kouichisakakibara16, studybreak10, studybreak17, clamp07, rinmatsuoka06, tanjiroukamado07, wornout18, allenwalker03, hanabusaaidou10, aloistrancy16
  • 200517 SasuraUchiha
    Forgot the Event Cards:

    - Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2
  • 200517 SasuraUchiha
    - New Decks (02/05/2020): ranmarukurosaki01, ranmarukurosaki02, saitouhajime02, saitouhajime03, alphinaudleveilleur02, alphinaudleveilleur03, kentoaizome01, kentoaizome02, camus01, camus02, goldenbutterflies01, goldenbutterflies02, boysandflowers03, boysandflowers04, kimihirowatanuki01, kimihirowatanuki02, haurchefantgreystone01, haurchefantgreystone02, boyslove01, boyslove02, whitehair01, whitehair02, kanamekuran01, kanamekuran02

    - Wishing Shrine (saya - WELCOME BACK): boysandflowers01, catchase15, abrahamvanhelsing16, catchase17, boysandflowers02, clamp03, abrahamvanhelsing17, grayfullbuster08, grayfullbuster09, clamp04, whiteknights07

    - Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): lb-choicethemeartist coupon, lb-choiceany coupon

    - Wishing Shrine (Mio - Every Color of the Rainbow): akihitokanbara01, snowbunnies03, otoyaittoki18, natsudragneel01, saitouhajime01, alphinaudleveilleur01, mikakagehira03, whitelilies14

    - Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): hisokamorow07, clairestanfield03, cherryboys18, hanabusaaidou12, hatsuharusohma14, blackhair04, vongola03, ayatosakamaki14, kiba11, wornout17, shoutakazehaya09, clairestanfield05
  • 200508 Lex
    New Decks: boyslove16, whitehair10, kimihirowatanuki15, kaoriyuki11, youthfulblossom13, kenshinhimura17, haurchefantgreystone16, threadandneedle11, shouichiimayoshi19, ranmarukurosaki17, shinjihirako15, saitouhajime12, genjyosanzo16, alphinaudleveilleur16, kanamekuran18, tahomaru12, kentoaizome17, osamudazai11, camus10, goldenbutterflies16, huntmedown17, shiki19, boysandflowers05

    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): shuusakamaki15, crimsontricksters19, koutanaka06, shouichiimayoshi02, mikakagehira09, cherryboys15, drawwithme20, showdown10, kentoaizome20, killuazoldyck07, lelouchlamperouge17, kimihirowatanuki03

    Wish (Rainbow): crimsontricksters14, snowbunnies06, shinjihirako05, whitelilies14, sora17, mamorumiyano15

    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): lb-randomany coupon, lb-choicepuzzle coupon

    Wish (WELCOME BACK): whitelilies11, valentines202003, whitelilies12, crimsontricksters15, grandopening02, mamorumiyano03, valentines202011, boysandflowers01, grandopening03, sketchitup04, sketchitup05

    Hiatus Freebies (2020-05-02): kirayamato08, crimsontricksters01, moderndays01, ulquiorracifer10, daisukeono02, suzakuseven09, shion15, boysanddogs06, daisukeono12, blackhair11, devilhunters20, clamp18, alphinaudleveilleur03, meganes18, tomohisakitakado09, kyousohma18, koutanaka03, paintitred18, whiteknights02, devilhunters03, +10 grape lollipops, +4 charm points

    Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2
  • 200507 Selena
    Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2
    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): shouichiimayoshi03, devilhunters01, nightshadows11, hisokamorow09, vandeadcarnival201, sora07, moderndays19, osamudazai08, vashthestampede07, crimsongang06, carousel02, rinmatsuoka08
    Wishing Shrine (2020-05-02): lb-choiceany coupon, lb-choiceany coupon
    New Decks: boyslove05, boyslove06, whitehair03, whitehair04, shiki01, shiki02, devilhunters01, devilhunters02, boysandflowers01, boysandflowers02, ranmarukurosaki04, ranmarukurosaki05, shouichiimayoshi07, shouichiimayoshi08, kentoaizome01, kentoaizome02, camus19, camus20, kanamekuran12, kanamekuran13, youthfulblossom16, youthfulblossom17
    Rainbow Cards: mamoruchiba13, rinokumura03, valentines202003, juunishi04, vandeadcarnival215, ulquiorracifer01, drawwithme11, whitehair05, youthfulblossom20, huntmedown11
    WELCOME BACK: howljenkins12, ren08, grayfullbuster11, claudefaustus04, kogaoogami19, rinokumura02, ren12, mamoruchiba09, grayfullbuster12, claudefaustus05, kogaoogami20
    Hiatus Freebies (2020-05-02): rinmatsuoka16, sixgravity11, rinmatsuoka15, nightheist04, shoutakazehaya10, tanjiroukamado06, paintitred06, bellcranel07, ikki12, tennkujo09, hisokamorow04, paintitred05, hanabusaaidou01, adonisotogari17, grayfullbuster05, kaoriyuki13, moderndays15, tokiyaichinose09, teacupbunnies02, izukumidoriya17, +10 grape lollipops, +4 charm points
  • 200506 Claire
    Wishing Shrine (Selena, Jessica, Haylee, Sarah): yue13, kirayamato06, harukananase13, kiba01, camus03, studybreak10, camus04, rinmatsuoka06, haurchefantgreystone10, kyousohma09, deelaytner13, shion03

    Wishing Shrine (Mio): RED = ayatosakamaki05, ORANGE = shuusakamaki03, YELLOW = hanabusaaidou03, GREEN = carousel14, BLUE = sora02, PURPLE = reijisakamaki02

    Wishing Shrine (Kayori): lb-randomany coupon, lb-randomany coupon

    Wishing Shrine - Spelling out "WELCOME BACK" (saya): W = showdown08, E = howljenkins06, L = abelnightroad10, C = mamoruchiba07, O = sora04, M = subarusakamaki05, E = howljenkins07, B = abelnightroad11, A = rinmatsuoka05, C = mamoruchiba10, K = rinmatsuoka04

    Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2

    Deck Release (05/02/2020): haurchefantgreystone07, haurchefantgreystone14, alphinaudleveilleur07, alphinaudleveilleur14, kanamekuran07, kanamekuran14, camus07, camus14, ranmarukurosaki07, ranmarukurosaki14, devilhunters16, devilhunters17, whitehair07, whitehair14, boysandflowers06, boysandflowers07, youthfulblossom07, youthfulblossom14, huntmedown07, huntmedown14, threadandneedle07, threadandneedle14, kentoaizome07, kentoaizome14
  • 200504 Pshaman
    ~ Wishing Shrine (Selena, Jessica, Haylee, Sarah): lelouchlamperouge11, blackhair18, snowbunnies01, trinity19, allenwalker01/06, setsunafseiei02, ritsukaaoyagi16, nicolasbrown01, showdown18, hisokamorow13, mikakagehira20

    ~ Wishing Shrine (Mio): otoyaittoki20, snowbunnies20, shinjihirako14, izukumidoriya07, howljenkins16, aloistrancy08

    ~ Wishing Shrine (Kayori): lb-choiceseiyuu coupon, lb-choiceany coupon

    ~ Wishing Shrine (saya): allenwalker02, yue04, allenwalker03, crimsongang04, crimsongang05, mamoruchiba02, yue06, mamoruchiba08, syaoranli02, clamp08, kirayamato01

    ~ New Decks: kimihirowatanuki07/14, whitehair04/12, shinjihirako04/09, haurchefantgreystone12, kaoriyuki20, boyslove09, threadandneedle14, shouichiimayoshi03, ranmarukurosaki05, youthfulblossom01, saitouhajime17, kenshinhimura14, kanamekuran13, kentoaizome12, camus18, goldenbutterflies12, huntmedown05, boysandflowers02/06

    ~ Event Achievements: ec-may2020, ec-gleamv2

    Thank you! :)
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