Mini Hiatus Progress

Haylee, Kupo, Pshaman - Welcome to the harem!
Aki (x1), Mio (x2)
We don't have new affiliates, feel free to apply if you're a TCG owner and owns a TCG!
None (Monthly games should not be played during the mini hiatus!)

Okay, here we go guys! I'd like to make the first round of our mini hiatus' official update. If you are a part of our Discord channel, you all know by now the recent progresses that I've made during the first three weeks of our mini hiatus. So now, I would like to make those announcements official by making it as an update.

First of all, I'd like to present to you our third layout! I love how my experiments worked and our boys are indeed born to be handsome. LOL! Yes, the layout is actually a part of Gleam's transition... so let me know what you all think about this new layout! XD

Now, on to the main progress update... I'd like to start it off with the information page. If you haven't noticed yet, I tried my best to make it neater and simplified as much as possible! We all know that the previous information was overwhelming (and I'm not gonna lie, I think it still somewhat is). But hey, I've added the F.A.Q. section so if there's something else you're unsure about the current information, you can look through it. And I'm gonna say this again, if you have further question, all you have to do is ask! (n_n)/ I'll do my best to answer them, and if you need some help, just poke me, I don't bite.

Next is the cards page. I've changed the overall look of the decks page, combined the tables cards and upcoming so we'll only have one table for cards in the database, and added the upcoming and event cards tabs! Yes, all of our event cards are now compiled in one page so you can check in if you missed some of those. If you are still getting some upcoming decks to any generated randomizers or prize page, kindly let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible! Please do keep in mind that you can only take the event cards that were posted after your joined date except for the monthly event card of the month you joined.

Next, we have the members and account page. Nothing big was changed in there except the profile page and the members list. Since we're now having a wide layout, I'd like to take that opportunity to use the tabs as much as possible (coz my OCD somewhat bugs me when those looks messy and stuff XD).

Lastly, for the most recent progress, we now have the messaging system. You can now send messages to your fellow Gleamers if you want to! This is useful especially to our members who aren't part of our Discord server. Bun and I made a test run and found no issue as of yet, but if you do encounter one when using it, please let me know as soon as possible!

Magazine Release

The fourth volume of our magazine release will be added later on!


Since it's a new month, I'd like to give you all the first three event achievement cards for this month!

Event Achievement: ec-30members, ec-april2020, ec-layout03

Also, as an additional freebie, everyone can take choice cards (2 cards per deck) spelling HIATUS 3RD WEEK3 can be any number from a deck (e.g. 03 or 13).

Closing Notes

That would be all for our first wrap up! I still have a lot of things to refurnish so please bear with me... I know that we're all itching to go back to our normal activity, all I ask is your patience, we'll get there eventually. I will do my best to stick to my given deadline which is a month or two (3 months max) to finish this up. I will keep everyone posted to any future changes! Arigatou gozaimasu minna-san! <3


Kindly please login to your account in able to post a comment on our updates. This is only for current members.


  • 200405 Samu
    - HIATUS 3RD WEEK: hatsuharusohma01, ulquiorracifer08, sora06, setsunamudou20, ulquiorracifer09, sora07, nicolasbrown02, izukumidoriya05, vandeadcarnival201, nicolasbrown04, grayfullbuster02, grayfullbuster03, izukumidoriya04

    - Event Achievement: ec-30members, ec-april2020, ec-layout03
  • 200404 Lex
    Hiatus Freebie (Week 4): killuazoldyck02, cherryboys04, abelnightroad13, akiramitsurugi02, shion12, toshizouhijikata18, vandeadcarnival118, daisukeniwa14, tomohisakitakado11, hokutohidaka18, +5 blueberry lollipops, +2 charm points

    Event Achievement: ec-30members, ec-april2020, ec-layout03

    Freebies (HIATUS 3RD WEEK): whitelilies04, whitelilies06, allenwalker16, crimsontricksters02, mamoruchiba02, crimsontricksters17, mamoruchiba13, allenwalker17, studybreak02, howljenkins01, howljenkins10, snowbunnies15, kiba08

  • 200404 Haylee
    Event Achievement: ec-30members, ec-april2020, ec-layout03

    Update Freebie (HIATUS 3RD WEEK): tokiyaichinose11, tokiyaichinose14, rinmatsuoka16, rinmatsuoka17, akiramitsurugi10, akiramitsurugi11, tomohisakitakado03, natsudragneel18, natsudragneel19, winterlights07, harukananase15, harukananase16, otoyaittoki11

    - Hiatus Freebie (Week 4): subarusakamaki16, summershower12, sacrifice15, teacupbunnies17, vandeadcarnival206, rinokumura06, tomohisakitakado13, harukananase11, cherryboys04, moderndays16, +5 grape lollipops, +2 charm points
  • 200404 Kupo
    Hiatus Freebie (Week 4): ulquiorracifer14, remnants16, grimmjowjaegerjaquez11, syaoranli14, harukananase05, hokutohidaka20, shuusakamaki19, ikki18, meganes09, grayfullbuster07, +5 lemon lollipops, +2 charm points

    Thank you!
  • 200404 Cas
    Hiatus Freebie (Week 4): zerokiryuu05, ukyou04, remnants10, ulquiorracifer17, nicolasbrown16, senkuuishigami01, daisukeono04, yue12, bellcranel04, rinokumura09, +5 grape lollipops, +2 charm points
  • 200404 saya
    Hiatus Freebie (Week 4): kaitoudoumoto07, tennkujo13, sora01, otoyaittoki02, rinmatsuoka13, zenitsuagatsuma12, zerokiryuu18, daisukeono06, shinichiizumi04, cherryboys04, +5 lollipops (greenapple), +2 charm points
  • 200403 Gaelle
    Event Achievement: ec-30members, ec-april2020, ec-layout03

    Mini Hiatus Freebies (HIATUS 3RD WEEK): hanabusaaidou03, kiba18, kiba19, kindredspirits12, claudefaustus09, hanabusaaidou12, kindredspirits13, kurama06, showdown12, showdown13, claudefaustus10, teacupbunnies05, kurama09

    Thank you ^^
  • 200403 Kayori
    Event Achievement: ec-30members, ec-april2020, ec-layout03

    H: tokiyaichinose04
    I: grimmjowjaegerjaquez12
    A: clamp08
    T: kindredspirits09
    U: daisukeniwa02
    S: kindredspirits13

    3: ritsukaaoyagi03
    R: grimmjowjaegerjaquez18
    D: daisukeono04

    W: daisukeniwa07
    E: vashthestampede08
    E: vashthestampede09
    K: kurogane07
    Thank you!
  • 200402 Cas
    HIATUS 3RD WEEK: hajimeshino01, hajimeshino02, reijisakamaki06, sketchitup05, sketchitup04, reijisakamaki07, shuusakamaki13, subarusakamaki01, hokutohidaka17, howljenkins01, tennkujo02, tennkujo04, shuusakamaki01
    Event Achievement: ec-30members, ec-april2020, ec-layout03
  • 200402 Zenit
    - Event Achievement: ec-30members, ec-april2020, ec-layout03
    - Update Freebie: gilgamesh02, syaoranli12, syaoranli16, adonisotogari14, killuazoldyck01, harukananase01, killuazoldyck13, lelouchlamperouge06, adonisotogari17, hisokamorow08, gilgamesh04, lelouchlamperouge11, harukananase10
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