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 8) To make our lives easier while doing things here in the forum, I'd like to share to you some of the special features that you can use when you start posting things.

Inserting Cards
These includes cards, fillers, and member cards. If you wish to trade cards with someone, but don't want to upload cards or direct link to your server, here are some of the BBcodes you can use.

The code below:
--- Code: ---[card]killuazoldyck17[/card]
--- End code ---
will result to this:

Please note that this BBcode is for individual cards only, so do not try to put more than one card in between the brackets or it will not work. Make sure that you type the deck names as exactly as what it is shown in the cards page.

To insert a filler, just type the deck name or deck type of your chosen filler like the code below:
--- Code: ---[filler]killuazoldyck[/filler]
--- End code ---
No need to add the 00 number after the deck name or the word filler before the deck type since it's already included in the code. Like the card BBcode, also include the series name and this code will result to this:

For the basic and platinum member cards, there's no need to add the mc- or the pc- prefix before the name since it's in the code also, and the code is:
--- Code: ---[mc]Aki[/mc]
--- End code ---
that will result to:

Names are also case sensitive, please type the name as exactly as how it is displayed on the Member's List! The number indicated in the platinum member card is to identify how many times a member applied for it and the count will start at 00.

Inserting Other Items
These includes the other TCG collateral of Gleam.

To insert a currency or power booster, make sure to type the correct file names (currencies: charm points, lollipops; power boosters: bookofalchemy, bookofcharms, bookoftreasures, bookoftrinity). The code for this is:
--- Code: ---[extra]charm[/extra]
--- End code ---
that will result to:

And for the coupons, make sure to type the correct file name. You can check the file names on the coupons page. The code for the coupon is:
--- Code: ---[coupon]lb-choiceany[/coupon]
--- End code ---
that will result to:


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