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If there is something you need to change on your profile, or you need to update your activity status (active or hiatus), you can do so in this thread. Just copy and paste the code below that applies to your need and we'll get into it as soon as we can. ;)

Only fill out the fields that you are going to change or update and delete the rest!

--- Code: ---[size=14pt]INFORMATION CHANGE[/size]
[b]Trade Post:[/b]
[b]Collecting Deck:[/b]
--- End code ---

Only fill this out if you need to go on a hiatus! To quit, please use the quit form instead!

--- Code: ---[size=14pt]ACTIVITY CHANGE[/size]
[b]Current Level:[/b] (so we know what level to put you back at once you return)
[b]Return Date:[/b] (only if you are sure about the date, otherwise you can leave this field blank)
--- End code ---


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