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First of all, welcome to the Gleam TCG Forum! Kindly please have a moment reading the rules. Failure to comply to the rules may lead to several warnings or an immediate ban. We are being friendly here so please return the favor to us. ;)

Board Guidelines
1. Be respectful.
Respect everyone and their opinions.
No flamings or swearing, and bad-mouthing of any kind.

2. Keep your temper under control.
Avoid fighting at all costs. We have all gathered here to share ideas, to enjoy playing Gleam TCG and make friends.

3. Keep the forum clean.
Any abusive and/or offensive words will not be tolerated in forum threads and whatnot.
No swearing and/or non-sense arguments and profanity.

4. No spamming/flooding.
Do not double post or post irrelevant replies. One-worded replies are considered spam.
You are free to use the 'multi-quote' to reply to multiple posts in one go.

5. No advertising or stealing.
Please do not advertise anything not related to TCGs unless you have our permission.
Credit the original owner if you are going to post someone's work. Post only if you have their permission.

6. No pornography of any kind.
I mean, seriously? Why would you even open something like this in an online TCG? :D

7. Topic deletions.
We have the rights to delete/remove any topics posted by the members if we deem necessary.

8. Read all news and announcements.
Ignorance of the posts under the Information thread is no excuse for violating them.

Posting Guidelines
We really don't want to be strict with regards to posting. However, it is best to be painstaking to maintain discipline not just with the members, but also to the ones managing Gleam TCG. So please keep these all in mind before you start posting any forum/category-related topics. ;)

1. Read the STICKY threads before posting in a forum.
Because each forum has a specific purpose, there may be additional rules/guidelines that applies to them. These rules will be posted in a special "sticky" thread at the top of the forum and will generally be titled "Board Guidelines". Please ensure you have read these and understand them before posting a thread.

2. Multi-lingual posting is not allowed.
Since we are focused to ensure the community internationally, the use of native language aside from English is prohibited. We all know that posting entirely in English with what you want us to hear out is a bit stressful, but we all are probably using different native languages. If you have difficulties in English as it may be your second language, we'll try to understand your topics and might spare a minute to edit your post.

3. Sexual discussions.
Forum threads which focus upon sexual subjects, which place undue emphasis upon genitalia or which graphically describe sexual acts in detail will be classified by the Gleam administration as inappropriate and subjected to immediate action. :? (Why would you even open to discuss something sexual? We're playing an online trading card game, right? ;D)

4. Excessively decorated Forum Titles/Posts
Please avoid the use of: Excessive CAPS, 'decorated' text, excessive use of symbols (!?#>~*< and so forth), symbols being used to push the titles over, etc.

5. Don't push up threads.
Pushing up a thread is when you intentionally post a comment in a thread so that the thread gets to the top of the forum page. Do not do this just so your topic attracts your fellow members.

6. Do not type in abbreviation.
Please avoid posting a thread in abbreviations (shortened words e.g. "I dnt knw anythng.") and/or super case sensitive! This is rather too difficult to read especially to members who are not used this. 1F y0u Tyq3 L1k3 t#1$ 1 w177 B3@+ +#3 Cr@q 0u+ 0F y0U! You are in a forum for Christ's sake, not in a mobile phone so use up the spaces as you please. ;P

That will be all for today. If you are still quite unsure about these guidelines, you can always ask the staff members with unanswered questions. These rules may change without further notice, please check this section before posting anything. Have fun everyone! ;)

- Aki


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